Sunday, 11 April 2010

Biffo"s Card

Now for some craft !!! The card i made for Brenda (Biffo) for her birthday when i met her at the Nec - shabby chic type that i like to do with Lace and Buttons !! The "dots" are pearl stickles - make sure they are "dry" and don"t poke to see if they are !!! cos you squash them !! - its very tempting - i know

Monday, 5 April 2010

Peanut Quinn - My Grandchild - How excited am i - well it goes without saying - i love them all so very very much - and poor lisa is so poorly at the moment - hugs to her xxx
Well just recovered from the NEC - spent lots of pennies and had such a laff - my mate Bernie - her SIL Lynda and her mate Alison
Bought a Big Shot - £55 thanks to Alison - extra bits and dvd and paper pack
Bernie nearly got abducted by Aliens !!!!!! A Show nearby with the Star Wars Characters
Bernie slopping off to Mr Hot Foil on her own - we were 3 aisles away - think she thought we may have embarrased her !!! But she got a free Hot Nib for free - so was worth it
Lots of giggles - Lynda thought i had grapes in foil - you had to be there !!!!
Realising thet Alison lived round the corner and travelled there by train !!!
Brenda said her hubby had some free tea bags for her !!! thats another story
A Hot ticket to LLB For Tea - Just a laff x - not really real !!!
Had hugs from mandi and mate and Brenda - should really see them more often - can still feel there hugs xxxx
Lots off stamps - Tim Holtz xxx - love them xxx and lots of bits beside xxx