Saturday, 26 June 2010

2 cards that havnt come out very well cos of the sun in my craft room - but evidence none the less that i do actually make cards !!! and one is the wrong way round !!!
Well thats all for now folks - Tim Holtz inks by the way

Oxford June 2010

Poppies in My Garden

I love Poppies - havnt got as many as previous years but the ones that came are lovely

OXFORD JUNE 2010 CSF Meet - fab day meeting up with lots of friends - Roll Call
Me and mate Bernie
Greer - Meow
Topsy Jane
Kathy - star of the day with Karen Anne
Di - Braisida"s wife
Lydia and George
and Simon - Hope Ive got everyone !!! Someone lurking behind Kathy !!! Could well be Lydia who is camera shy

Friday, 4 June 2010


I have just been away in our little caravan - to Buxton

The park is amazing and here is a pic of the lovely bandstand

Tealight Cards

I also did a workshop at my local craft store making cards with tags and tealights in

My crafty ladies made some as well for gifts for their family