Monday, 6 December 2010

Proud Daddy x
Scarletts first proper dress sent from Wales from her Great - Great Grandmother

She is so good so her mummy tells me
Shhhhhhhhh Baby is sleeping x

Josh - A Very Proud Big Brother x

She is soooo cute
I looked after her the other day
You never really lose the knack!!!
Feed - Burp - Change nappy - Then start all over again - Wonderful xxx


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Artisan Show

Had a great day as always - spending money on craft stash - Went to the Artisan Show yesterday in Leamington - Great time thanks to Bernie, Linda and Ali x Gosh i spent how much on the Paperartsy stall !!! In a matter of minutes - love the stamps and dies though. And Leandra"s OH has such a VERY SEXY voice . Could have spent more - but NEC is soon.

Food as well - Baked Potatoe with herb cream cheese and leeks Yum - it was really

And of course CAKE - Coffee and walnut kind - YUM YUM again

Had a fab workshop with Annalise Bates from the Artist Trading Post - went erm well - but me and Ali didnt put enough paint on for one of the techniques - lots of fun though.

Tim Holtz dies were calling out to me as well, and i did sucumb and buy one incy wincy packet of buttons - and it was nearly home time - i did do well - and a rather nifty bit of kit - envelope maker - easy peasy to d0 Bargain Price £1.99 and didnt manage to buy any ribbon - come on i have PLENTY

Was playing with my new dies last night. Just refreshed my self with the You Tube Video from Tim on how to work them - the On the Edge Ones

Anyway - just have just enough pennies left to go to the Sincerely Yours Hinkley Show next Sunday when Debs will be joining us as well

Sadly no piccys of the Motley Crew - I must remember to get myself a camera of my own - OH"S far to big to carry round - well i do have to carry my crafty stash bags !!!!!

Bye for Now

Happy Crafting to all

Love and Hugs

Helen/Buttonbox xxx

Monday, 5 July 2010

Debbie"s Project. An easel-card box with draw. Last project of the day and we had to concentrate quite hard by now - its great that they all look so different. Left to Right - Linda, Debbie x2, me, Ali and Bernie. Debbie has some great projects with paper folding and making bags and boxes - all use the same principle.

My project - Tealight Candle Cards. Left to Right - Bernie, Me, Ali, Debbie and Linda. Very easy to make and they smell wonderful to - you write the greeting on the tag.

Here is Ali"s Project. 3D cards printed from a cd. They can be folded to fit in an envelope and were very easy to cut out. There were lots of mens images on the cd which is very handy. They look better in the flesh - you cant see the layers very clearly.

This is Bernie"s Project - transferring images on to a candle using a Heat Gun. Left to Right - Bernie, Me, Debbie, Linda and Ali. I"ve seen it as a demo on the tv but it was better doing it together.

This is Linda"s project using the "Umberella" template from Ann Marie - a personal friend of ours!!! They are also available on CD now as well as the card templates and she can also be seen on Create and Craft - Left to Right - Debbie, Me, Linda, Ali and Bernie. Linda made the doilly ribbon using her Martha Stewart punch.

Had a great day yesterday crafting with Bernie, Linda, Ali, Debbie and me. We each did a project each and managed to do all 5.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

2 cards that havnt come out very well cos of the sun in my craft room - but evidence none the less that i do actually make cards !!! and one is the wrong way round !!!
Well thats all for now folks - Tim Holtz inks by the way

Oxford June 2010

Poppies in My Garden

I love Poppies - havnt got as many as previous years but the ones that came are lovely

OXFORD JUNE 2010 CSF Meet - fab day meeting up with lots of friends - Roll Call
Me and mate Bernie
Greer - Meow
Topsy Jane
Kathy - star of the day with Karen Anne
Di - Braisida"s wife
Lydia and George
and Simon - Hope Ive got everyone !!! Someone lurking behind Kathy !!! Could well be Lydia who is camera shy

Friday, 4 June 2010


I have just been away in our little caravan - to Buxton

The park is amazing and here is a pic of the lovely bandstand

Tealight Cards

I also did a workshop at my local craft store making cards with tags and tealights in

My crafty ladies made some as well for gifts for their family

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Biffo"s Card

Now for some craft !!! The card i made for Brenda (Biffo) for her birthday when i met her at the Nec - shabby chic type that i like to do with Lace and Buttons !! The "dots" are pearl stickles - make sure they are "dry" and don"t poke to see if they are !!! cos you squash them !! - its very tempting - i know

Monday, 5 April 2010

Peanut Quinn - My Grandchild - How excited am i - well it goes without saying - i love them all so very very much - and poor lisa is so poorly at the moment - hugs to her xxx
Well just recovered from the NEC - spent lots of pennies and had such a laff - my mate Bernie - her SIL Lynda and her mate Alison
Bought a Big Shot - £55 thanks to Alison - extra bits and dvd and paper pack
Bernie nearly got abducted by Aliens !!!!!! A Show nearby with the Star Wars Characters
Bernie slopping off to Mr Hot Foil on her own - we were 3 aisles away - think she thought we may have embarrased her !!! But she got a free Hot Nib for free - so was worth it
Lots of giggles - Lynda thought i had grapes in foil - you had to be there !!!!
Realising thet Alison lived round the corner and travelled there by train !!!
Brenda said her hubby had some free tea bags for her !!! thats another story
A Hot ticket to LLB For Tea - Just a laff x - not really real !!!
Had hugs from mandi and mate and Brenda - should really see them more often - can still feel there hugs xxxx
Lots off stamps - Tim Holtz xxx - love them xxx and lots of bits beside xxx

Monday, 8 March 2010

the frogs will be here soon to mate - heres a cheeky chappy !!!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Lillies

A picture here with the lillies x
click for larger picture

The Pond

Thought as i had no craft to share at the moment i would share some pictures of our pond

Not very pretty in the winter but lovely in the summer months and we have a waterfall

and its vey soothing sitting outside listening to it

Just to add - pond made my his fair hands - still keeps saying its not finished yet - and loves

to potter and adjust things all the time - while im crafting !!!
Click to see full picture

Friday, 26 February 2010


Panicked a bit yesterday when i came home from work - saw that little card on the doormat that the postman pops through your door - to say a parcel arrived and you were out !!!
Luckily he had left it with a kind neighbour - skipped round happily 2 doors away - AND YES it was my TSV Tim Book - safe to say i havnt actually put it down yet, every time i look i see different exciting things to do - Im sure i dreamt last night - The style layout is definatley Tim style and sneaky peeks of lots of stuff yet to be shipped here in the UK
I have the weekend off so no guesses what i will be doing - and hopefully if they turn out !!! shall be able to put some artwork on my blog.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Hello There

My Blog is here at last
I have so much fun looking at everyone elses thought it was high time i did one myself
was waiting for Tim to come on tv last night - sat twiddling my thumbs - so here i am.