Friday, 12 April 2013

Wouldn"t it be lovely if i could show you some more recent pics - well i will when i can locate them - but just to note my OH uploaded the most recent pics to the laptop so shall have to see if i can get from there - I know you cry Easy Peasy !!! But lets just see what can i find next ..........................

A card i made for my DIL Lisa - last year i think cos she has just had another bday - Love this stamp with the 1920 Ladies with Lace, Pearls and Bows xxx So next My Easter Table - Yes Last Year again as im in so much mess with my renovations couldnt get one done this year !
My Easter Table 
Lisa"s Card
Easter Card for the BL14 List
Bit Muddled think i need alot more Practice at this Blog Lark Hey Ho !
Well heres The Crafty Crew.  We try to get together as much as possible and have a Crafty Day - Not done for some time but we have been busy with the Craft Therapy Weekends but would be good to get together very soon.  Its normally a very long day as we all do a project and of course there is food to be eaten as well !!!

Left to Right - Debs, Me, Ali, Bernie and Linda - If we look a bit worn and tired that was the end of the Day !
Another BL14 Card using Kraft Card my fav colour scheme and Lace of course !
A Card here that i made for my Dear Friend Bernie.  Using Toppers with lovely Ladies and and an Acetate kinda Bubble on the middle topper. Great Effect with very little effort its kinda on an easel shape so dont but tape or foam pads on the Top Half !!!
Another BL14 Card with some other Fav stamps that i use alot from Dyan Reavley.  you would think its very easy to position her head to stamp onto her body BUT for some reason its not !!! But i Kinda Love Her anyway and their are wellies and umbrellas as well that are very useful to use on their own.
Yes she does look a Bit Lopsided lol !
Im having a little trouble finding recent pictures this one was made using one of my Fav Barbara Gray stamps the Bodice with a little matching Notebook.  For someone on the BL14 List

PHEW !!!

Well have eventually got back in here and on the way may opened another blog with no posts !!! So heres to being able to share my recent and not so recent stuff. All to do with my Password so do keep yours safe to save any hassle !!!