Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Lillies

A picture here with the lillies x
click for larger picture

The Pond

Thought as i had no craft to share at the moment i would share some pictures of our pond

Not very pretty in the winter but lovely in the summer months and we have a waterfall

and its vey soothing sitting outside listening to it

Just to add - pond made my his fair hands - still keeps saying its not finished yet - and loves

to potter and adjust things all the time - while im crafting !!!
Click to see full picture

Friday, 26 February 2010


Panicked a bit yesterday when i came home from work - saw that little card on the doormat that the postman pops through your door - to say a parcel arrived and you were out !!!
Luckily he had left it with a kind neighbour - skipped round happily 2 doors away - AND YES it was my TSV Tim Book - safe to say i havnt actually put it down yet, every time i look i see different exciting things to do - Im sure i dreamt last night - The style layout is definatley Tim style and sneaky peeks of lots of stuff yet to be shipped here in the UK
I have the weekend off so no guesses what i will be doing - and hopefully if they turn out !!! shall be able to put some artwork on my blog.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Hello There

My Blog is here at last
I have so much fun looking at everyone elses thought it was high time i did one myself
was waiting for Tim to come on tv last night - sat twiddling my thumbs - so here i am.