Friday, 12 April 2013

Wouldn"t it be lovely if i could show you some more recent pics - well i will when i can locate them - but just to note my OH uploaded the most recent pics to the laptop so shall have to see if i can get from there - I know you cry Easy Peasy !!! But lets just see what can i find next ..........................

A card i made for my DIL Lisa - last year i think cos she has just had another bday - Love this stamp with the 1920 Ladies with Lace, Pearls and Bows xxx So next My Easter Table - Yes Last Year again as im in so much mess with my renovations couldnt get one done this year !
My Easter Table 
Lisa"s Card
Easter Card for the BL14 List
Bit Muddled think i need alot more Practice at this Blog Lark Hey Ho !

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